Pilgrimage travel

Are you considering pilgrimage travel for yourself or an entire group seminar? There is a long tradition of travel for seekers. You may wish to connect with two pilgrimage travel groups with roots in the Fourth Way.

We invite you to share your travel experiences, photos, and stories.


From Ben and Cindy Bennett of Bennett Pilgrimages

Eastern Turkey

At Bennett Pilgrimages we try to make connections with holy sites and sacred individuals outside of space and time. We set ourselves to be open to all impressions, individuals, and events that we encounter, and also within our group of traveling companions. We look for what is unique in each situation, both in the present and as it relates to the past. In this way we hope to strengthen our work and deepen our understanding. We set ourselves to learn from everything.


From Jerry Toporovsky, discussing a pilgrimage by Journeys to the East

At the tomb of Bahouddin Naqshband
At the tomb of Bahouddin Naqshband

Thirty-three people traveled together to Uzbekistan on the "Walking in Gurdjieff's Footsteps"pilgrimage. We did Movements on a roof overlooking Bukhara, and worked with the"Greater I-Am"exercise at Bahouddin Naqshband's tomb and met with a Naqshbandi Sheik who spoke with us about the Latifas.

We went to the ancient Central Asian city of Khiva, spent days in Bukhara visiting the tombs of Muhammad Orif ar Revgari, Mahmud Anjir Fagnavi, Ali Ramitani, Muhammad Sammasi, and Hazreti Bahouddin Naqshbandi, and Abduholiq Gijduvaniy who is the Grandfather of the Naqushi order.

We went on to Samarkand and the tomb of Kwaja Ahrar. The tombs are places with extraordinary fulcrums of energy, and we spent much time working together and individually there. We did the "First Obligatory" spontaneously at Ulugh Beg's observatory overlooking Samarkand.

There aren't words!

Most of us went on to Jerusalem and worked at the sacred sites of the Western Wall and Temple Mount; room of the Last Supper, and the Garden of Gethsemane.

Journeys to the East had arranged for us to spend a night in the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher after it was locked for the evening. It was a standout—a night that none of us will ever forget. We worked together, did morning exercises together, the "Greater I-Am" and the "Four Prophets" in the Holy Sepulcher itself. Many reported receiving an understanding of group consciousness not experienced before.

This was a most extraordinary trip.