Gurdjieff - Bennett - 4th Way Work

Group Work

G. I. Gurdjieff's legacy is four-fold. He left a blueprint for a new world in his magnum opus: All and Everything, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson. The Sacred Dances, or Gurdjieff Movements, are a valuable and remarkable tool for self study and group consciousness. The sacred music elicits a deep feeling of Wish for the spiritual reality.

Fourth Way teachings evolve to fit time and place

Gurdjieff left a practical teaching, to be transmitted in a group or community medium, providing ideal opportunities to work towards building balanced relationships within ourselves, with others, and for the Work. Including spiritual exercises, practical physical work, psychology, cosmology, the enneagram, meditation, presence, relaxation, sensation, and service, the Fourth Way teachings evolve to fit time and place. Here at Camp Caravan, we are open to that evolution, and our Work together focuses on the group itself as the leader.

An invitation to group meetings, mentorship, and shared ideas

Are you interested in exploring Camp Caravan? Please contact the registrar. (

We invite you to participate in group Work and to experiment with putting Work ideas into practice, as a group.

Some gatherings present opportunities for a combination of those who have participated before, and those who haven’t. Others are particularly designed as an introduction.

Southern New Hampshire

Weekly meetings take place near Keene, New Hampshire. Please contact Martin Brown ( for more.

Amherst, Massachusetts

Join a group of interested people who meet in Amherst. Participate in readings, inner exercises, themes, discussion, and Gurdjieff Movements. Contact the registrar ( for more.

Open Work Days

We invite you to attend these events, whether it is your first time participating, or you have previous experience. These are usually held at Camp Caravan, with the schedule announced in our monthly enews. Is this your first time? Contact the registrar (  and let us know your plans.