Fourth way writings

Camp Caravan is very pleased to share works from writers inspired by the Fourth Way. 
Some write about Work practice, ideas, themes, and techniques, and others draw on their practice and experience to share articles, memoirs, and longer works. Some are published authors and editors, and others are newer to writing.
Are you a writer, or wish to submit work of others for consideration? Please contact

Being Yourself by Joe Naft

Waking up to Life by Isaac Owen Richardson

The Poor Thing, Episode Two by Walt Thornton

From Kerala, India to the Market Basket in Athol, Massachusetts by Penelope Sullivan

How Can We Become Sensitive to the Substance of the Work by Pierre Elliot

The Fourth Basic Course (excerpt) by David Patrick

My Meeting with Ivan Osokin by Stephen Capizzano

Autumn is for Dying, and for Falling in Love, by James Tomarelli, October 15, 1984

On Reality, by Isaac Richardson

The Fool, a Modern Prometheus, by Tim White

Living with Heart, from Basic Inner Work, by Joe Naft

Excerpt from Not Your Ordinary Life
Excerpt from the Sherborne memoir
Both by Roberta Chromey

Camp Caravan Meeting Notes from 6/18/2015 by Steve Ferrarone

BJ Appelgren, author, psychotherapist...BJ Appelgren page

Pierce Butler, author, Writer in Residence, Bentley University, Waltham, MA, Member, Camp Caravan...Pierce Butler page

Martin Brown, Kindergarten Teacher, The Village School, Member, Camp Caravan...inspiration

David Kherdian, author, publisher, and editor...David Kherdian page

David was the editor of Stopinder: A Gurdjieff Journal of our Time. He and his wife, Nonny Hogrogian, founded Two Rivers Press in Aurora, Oregon. David’s children’s book, The Road from Home: The Story of an Armenian Girl, was based on his mother’s story as her family’s sole survivor of the Turkish Genocide of 1915. The book received the Newbery Honor Book Award and was an American book Award nominee.

John Richardson, Astrophysicist; Member, Camp Caravan
In March 2015 John shared an article about triads, A Brief Synopsis of Triads – The Essential Laws of World Six

Rise Richardson, Director, The Village School, Member, Camp Caravan
In January, 2010, Rise presented a talk on Spirituality and Education in Italy. Rise Richardson page     

Tim White, Member, Camp Caravan, Presenter, Dramatic Universe Conference

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