Women’s Movements

The Movements are a living teaching helping us to connect with our deepest being. We invite women with an inner practice to reach far beyond a personal search to a direct exploration of a deeper reality. Ask us at p_delibero@hotmail.com  about participation in Women’s Movements through seminars and ongoing practice in the coming year at Camp Caravan.

The Movements and Sacred Dances

Developed and practiced in temples and centers of spiritual learning, these Movements come to us from very ancient times. Over the centuries, the sacred women's mysteries were transmitted through the oral tradition without the use of the written word, through movement, gesture, sound, and feeling.

Gurdjieff spent many years making a study of these dances that he collected during his travels in the East. He brought them to the West in the 1920's. Some of the women's dances belong to traditions that go back long before Christianity. Women's Movements convey certain beliefs and truths, and are a means of transmitting various energies that are as relevant now as in ancient times.